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3 of the Most Common Ways Phones Are Accidentally Damaged

Over the years, cell phones have become very popular. If you walk along any city or suburban street, chances are good that you will see someone walking with one in their hand. Cell phones aren't indestructible, however. In fact, according to Dukegear, a tech and travel products company, 45% of cell phone owners will break theirs by accident. Read on to learn about three of the most common ways that will happen.

1. Being Dropped

This is likely the main reason people need broken phone repair work to be done. No matter how careful we try to be, the phone can seem to be slippery like it was covered by grease. One of the best ways to protect it from falls is to get a phone case.

2. Getting Scratched

Cell phones get scratched up in a variety of ways. Teenagers may be cavalier about how and where they toss their phones in their backpacks. As a result, it can be jostled around and hit various things, which can scratch the screen. When this occurs, your next step is to bring it in for a broken phone repair.

3. Succumbing to Water Damage

This can happen in a variety of ways. You might knock over a glass of whatever you're drinking on your phone. You could also accidentally drop your phone in either your toilet or your tub. Don't panic! We see this a lot and you just need to have a phone tech take a look.

There are other ways that your phone can be damaged. You may accidentally sit on it with it in your back pocket. It can suffer heat damage, like if you left it in the sun when visiting the pool. Also, people have run over their phones with their vehicles by mistake. Just remember that no matter how the damage occurred, there are experts who can help!

There are a variety of ways that you can protect your phone from being damaged. The main way is to get a protective case, but that can only do so much. When proactive measures alone are not enough to help, bring your damaged device to professional repair services. Are you looking to learn more about broken phone repair in your area? We can help you. Contact The Phone Plug today!

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